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It's a Family Business

When Russell first started RSP in 1993, it was never about himself or making more money; it was about taking care of his family and helping other people around him do the same.  This people-centered approach to business has never changed for us.

Growth isn't about the numbers; it's about the employees and their families. In that sense, they truly are the ones who are building this company. 


The RSP Promise

Happy Employees

It seems like a lofty promise on the surface, but we believe strongly in work-life balance. As a family oriented business, we're all about giving our crew the time they need to spend time with the people they love and do the things that fuel their passions.

Customer First

Our core focus in business is satisfied customers. That means creating the best possible experience on every job. RSP is notorious for going beyond just putting pipe in the walls; we're there to build relationships, help other subs, and communicate well every step of the way.

We Own It

Creating the best work experience possible requires giving employees meaningful work. To us, that means sending them out with a true sense of ownership over their work. If a mistake is made, we own it. If there's a promise to live up to, we own it; with every employee on every project.

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