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At Russell & Sons, we are a family business. That doesn’t just mean family owned, it means family is at the heart of our company. It’s why we offer some of the most competitive health and retirement benefits in our industry. It’s why we listened to our employees and moved to a “four-tens” schedule, so our employees can spend an extra day with their families on Fridays. Lastly, we don’t chase money with out-of-town work. Our employees’ happiness is too important to us; having everyone back home for dinner outweighs profit margins any day.
So, if you like having Friday as an extra Saturday, and you enjoy working close to home, if you enjoy working for a company with no drama or politics, and you like being a part of a hard-working team, give us a call.


  • Licensed journeyman plumber in WA and OR.

  • Variety of Work: Medical and Dental, Commercial, Residential, Multifamily.

  • Show up on time and willing to take on new responsibilities

  • Good attitude and communication skills

  • Presentable appearance for work in customer homes and offices

  • *Drug-free*

  • Current and valid drivers license

  • Decent driving record

  • Physically capable of working out in the field

  • Additional certifications are a plus (such as welding, Medical Gas, CDL).

If you like good old fashioned paper, feel free to stop by for an app or download one here.  Drop it off at our office: 6015 NE 88th St, Vancouver, WA 98665

Note: Your application process is not complete until you follow up in person.

Come Work With Us

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